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Welcome to this website for our soldiers – past, present and future – and our entire regimental family including Veterans families, friends, supporters, and our youth, the cadets.

39 Service Battalion Regimental Council is proud of the contributions made by those soldiers who are serving or have served the Citizens of Canada through their association with 39 Service Battalion and its predecessor units, garrisoned in Richmond, Saanich/Victoria, and Chilliwack, BC.

Our Regimental Family includes those Regular and Reserve Forces soldiers posted to 39 Service Battalion  to provide logistical and maintenance support including transport, supplies and equipment maintenance to the rest of the 3rd Canadian Division’s units located in British Columbia.

We also provide the home base for our retired veterans and hold the history and traditions of the Combat Service Support Units who have served British Columbia since the early 1900’s.

39 Service Battalion was stood up on 1 April 2010, amalgamating its predecessor units 11 (Victoria) Service Battalion and 12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion.  Though the name is less than a decade old, the 39 Service Battalion has a direct linage to 19 Coy CASC (NPAM) (1912) and 21 Coy CASC (NPAM) (1915).  Then represents a heritage that goes back centuries to the Royal Waggon Train of the Napoleonic wars and the Board of Ordnance of Tudor times.

Uniquely in the Army Reserve, the Service Battalion trains soldiers in trades that have immediate value in the civilian job market, including transportation specialists, supply technicians, cooks and vehicle technicians — and offer full-time summer employment to those meet basic qualifications.

The Battalion is also proud to be tasked with essential roles in helping the civilian population of BC in the event of earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires and other natural disasters.”

39 Service Battalion Regimental Council