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Guild of Waggoneers & Artificers

Under the Distinguished Patronage of Her Honor
The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC
Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Guild Terms of Reference

As Waggoneers and Artificers.  The Guild is a private, invitation-only fellowship of distinguished benefactors and honourary members supporting the soldiers and members of our 39 Service Battalion Regimental Family.

The Guild has been established to support the ideals and objectives of the broader 39 Service Battalion Regiment Family with moral support and financial funding.  The Guild draws from a long British Army tradition of providing the logistical and mechanical maintenance support dating back to the Royal Waggon Train in the mid-17th century.  As Waggoneers and Artificers our main role is to provide the additional non-military patronage and financial support to the 39 Service Battalion Regimental Council as managed by the Regimental Executive Committee.  We assist the Commanding Officer in facilitating the Battalion’s mission, all the while encouraging the ties and networking opportunities within the military, local civil authorities, industrial and academic communities.

The money raised through the Guild is used to provide direct assistance to our Regimental Family.  The Family is comprised of a Canadian Army Reserve unit, 39 Service Battalion; two Army Cadet Corps, that provide support and training to our Canadian youth; and two museums, protecting our traditions and heritage.  Our past members and veterans are recognized through our all ranks Association.   As we grow, we also have an established goal to provide welfare assistance and educational bursaries/grants for our Regimental Family.

In forming the Guild, it was to not only to work on the fundraising for the welfare and educational needs of past and present members of the 39 Service Battalion Regimental Family but to engage with our local civic government authorities, local industrial leaders and the academia in our local area.

In everyday life our soldiers work and interact with other local citizens and employers who seemingly are unaware of the service and sacrifices citizen soldiers make for our country.  The Guild by creating networking opportunities with civic governments, we can foster a greater working relationship with our fellow citizens in times of strife and emergency.

We are able to reach out to local businesses to create win-win situations where the logistical and equipment maintenance skills our soldiers are taught in their military training can be utilized in the wider civilian arena.  With more understanding of the service our soldiers provide, our local industries can then allow our soldiers more creative ways of attending leadership training and assistance in meeting operational needs.

By partnering with our local academia we can assist in allowing our soldiers to train closer to home through understanding of the civilian equivalencies between military and civilian trades.

The Guild though only a new organization has attracted high profile members both from here locally and internationally from abroad.

If you would like to learn more about the Guild of Waggoneers and Artificers, I or one of my fellow Waggoneers would be pleased to meet with you to go over our membership principles in more detail.  Thank you for your interest and support to soldiers both past and present.

L.A.R. (Will) Watkins, CD LCol (Ret’d)

Regimental Secretary


39 Service Battalion Regimental Council